The Art of Alice Kensington
{ Comissions } Custom Greetings Cards!

{ Comissions } Custom Greetings Cards!

Do you want to send someone a personalized Greetings Card?
Have your favourite person or character drawn ( themed to the Holiday if you wish ) and then sent to you.

Just choose between Style One or Twothen at checkout leave a picture of who you want drawn, and What Theme/Details.
Also: if Style One, include a Shading Colour. If Style Two, include a Short Written Greeting if you want one

Style One

A 6" square card with a shiny, Winter-y border.
Comes with an original lined & shaded drawing, of a person of your choice.
Shading colour choiceBlue • Mint • Peach • Yellow • Pink

Style Two
A 5" square card with a cute, bumpy border.
Comes with a lined sketch of a person of your choice, with gold pen embellishment, and an optional written greeting.

12 GBP